Financial planning consultations with Sandy Porter are individually tailored to your particular issues and concerns. The planning summary report includes needs analysis, strategic solutions, and specific recommendations for investment choices and insurance needs. Topics to be addressed may include the following:

  • Analysis of retirement savings needs: How much do you need to sustain your lifestyle of choice?
  • Analysis of retirement spending limits: How much can you spend now and not outlive your money?
  • Analysis of insurance needs: How much life, disability, home, auto, long term care insurance do you need to protect your income and assets?
  • Portfolio review: Do you have your money in the right buckets to meet your present and future needs?
  • Reduce costs: What are the costs of current or proposed investment and insurance products? Costs matter…how much are you spending even when you do not write a check?
  • Using no and low cost providers: Are you willing to spend less than one day a year to save potentially thousands of dollars in fees and commissions?
  • Goal setting and values assessment: Are you aware of where your money goes? Is it going to create and support the life that you want?
  • Getting started: Do you need help to get your action steps done…open accounts, meet with accountant and attorney, apply for insurance, negotiate a family spending and savings plan?
  • Avoid serious mistakes: Sometimes the most valuable benefit of sound advice is avoiding costly mistakes, particularly at critical times of transition like retirement, death, divorce and other life-changing events.